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Spices (Baking & Brewing)


Allspice (Pimento)

Allspice or Pimento (Pimenta dioica) is the only spice indigenous to the New World. It is the dried, unripe berry from an evergreen tree native to Central America, the West Indies and Mexico.

Spanish explorers discovered allspice in the West Indies shortly after Columbus first visited the islands. Though the berries are 20 - 30% larger, they resemble black peppercorns in color and shape and the Spanish called them "pepper. The aroma of the berries is similar to clove and their flavor suggests a blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and pepper, hence the name - allspice.

... View Full Description

Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated
Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.

Star Anise

Star Anise (Illicium verum) tastes like licorice and is a direct replacement for Anise Seed. Star Anise comes from an evergreen tree indigenous to Southern China and Vietnam. Anise can be used in both sweet and savory applications. Try adding it to stews, soups, cookies, cakes and meat dishes. ... View Full Description

105-71Star Anise - 0.75 oz. jar$3.41
105-79Star Anise, Ground - 2.00 oz. jar$4.79
105-72 Star Anise - 3.00 oz. jar$5.83
105-80Star Anise, Ground - 6.00 oz. jar$9.57
105-1073Star Anise - 1.00 lb. pouch$11.08
105-1077Star Anise, Ground - 1.00 lb. pouch$13.28
105-1074Star Anise - 2.50 lb. pouch$26.60
105-1078Star Anise, Ground - 2.50 lb. pouch$32.01
105-1075Star Anise - 5.00 lb. pouch$50.56
105-1079Star Anise, Ground - 5.00 lb. pouch$61.21
105-1076Star Anise - 10.00 lb. pouch$94.77
105-1080Star Anise, Ground - 10.00 lb. pouch$115.08
105-1203Star Anise - 25.00 lb. pouch$199.60
105-1204Star Anise, Ground - 25.00 Lb. pouch$244.15
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated
Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) is a white, easy to digest, gluten-free starch. This flavorless powder is produced from the dried rhizomes of the obedience plant. A large perennial herb indigenous to the West Indies, arrowroot was introduced by the English to most of their colonies in the tropics and today is grown in much of the world. ... View Full Description

108-83Arrowroot Powder - 2.75 oz. jar$3.50
108-1210Arrowroot Powder - 1.00 lb. pouch$4.50
108-84Arrowroot Powder - 9.00 oz. jar$5.67
108-1211Arrowroot Powder - 2.25 lb. pouch$10.41
108-1212Arrowroot Powder - 5.00 lb. pouch$18.71
108-1213Arrowroot Powder - 10.00 lb. pouch$34.00
108-1214Arrowroot Powder - 25.00 lb. pouch$66.29
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated
Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.

Cinnamon, Korintje (Indonesian) & Saigon (Vietnamese)

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices and is mentioned in the book of Exodus 30:22-26. It was known to the ancient Egyptians, Greek and Romans and was used for religous ceremonies by all three. In Medievil Europe, it was more valuable than gold. ... View Full Description

118-152Cinnamon - Korintje, Ground - 2.25 oz. jar$3.32
118-154Cinnamon - Korintje, Sticks 3 inch - 1.50 oz.$3.49
118-150Cinnamon - Saigon, Ground - 1.60 oz. jar$3.62
118-1293Cinnamon - Korintje, Ground - 1.00 lb. pouch$4.18
118-153Cinnamon - Korintje, Ground - 7.25 oz. jar$5.00
118-1288Cinnamon - Saigon, Ground - 1.00 lb. pouch$5.37
118-151Cinnamon - Saigon, Ground - 8.60 oz. jar$6.23
118-1298Cinnamon - Korintje, Sticks 3 inch - 1.00 lb. pouch$6.92
118-1294Cinnamon - Korintje, Ground - 2.50 lb. pouch$9.63
118-1289Cinnamon - Saigon, Ground - 2.50 lb. pouch$12.54
118-1299Cinnamon - Korintje, Sticks 3 inch - 2.50 lb. pouch$16.35
118-1295Cinnamon - Korintje, Ground - 5.00 lb. pouch$17.18
118-1290Cinnamon - Saigon, Ground - 5.00 lb. pouch$22.90
118-1300Cinnamon - Korintje, Sticks 3 inch - 5.00 lb. pouch$30.40
118-1296Cinnamon - Korintje, Ground - 10.00 lb. pouch$31.08
118-1291Cinnamon - Saigon, Ground - 10.00 lb. pouch$42.00
118-1301Cinnamon - Korintje, Sticks 3 inch - 10.00 lb. pouch$56.31
118-1297Cinnamon - Korintje, Ground - 25.00 lb. pouch$59.87
118-1292Cinnamon - Saigon, Ground - 25.00 lb. pouch$83.84
118-1302Cinnamon - Korintje, Sticks 3 inch - 25.00 lb. pouch$115.22
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated
Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.


Cloves are the unopened, dried flower buds of the clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum), which is native to the Moluccas Islands of Indonesia. Clove's flavor is magical, however, due to its high volatile oil content, requires discretion when using in order no to overpower other flavors in your food. ... View Full Description

119-155Cloves - 1.75 oz. jar$5.23
119-157Cloves, Ground - 2.00 oz. jar$6.28
119-156Cloves - 6.00 oz. jar$12.12
119-1303Cloves - 1.00 lb. pouch$18.03
119-158Cloves, Ground - 8.00 oz. jar$18.06
119-1308Cloves, Ground - 1.00 lb. pouch$22.22
119-1304Cloves - 2.50 lb. pouch$43.69
119-1309Cloves, Ground - 2.50 lb. pouch$53.98
119-1305Cloves - 5.00 lb. pouch$84.19
119-1310Cloves, Ground - 5.00 lb. pouch$104.44
119-1306Cloves - 10.00 lb. pouch$158.92
119-1311Cloves, Ground - 10.00 lb. pouch$197.54
119-1307Cloves - 25.00 lb. pouch$360.14
119-1312Cloves, Ground - 25.00 lb. pouch$449.79
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated

Epazote Powder

Epazote Powder (pronounced eh-pah-ZOH-tay) is a flavorful, leafy green herb native to central and southern Mexico that has a distinctive aroma. The name comes from the Aztec "epatal" - skunk and "tzol" - sweat. While not sounding very appealing, this herb is a delcious companion to most bean dishes. Once you have tried black beans with epazote, you will not want them any other way. Besides beans, epazote is often used in green mole, soups and salads.... View Full Description

220-2175Epazote Powder - 2.25 oz. jar$4.39
220-2176Epazote Powder - 8.50 oz. jar$9.35
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated
Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.

Lime Peel Granules

Our Lime Peel Granules are a versatile ingredient for cooking and baking. Lime peel granules can be added to fish, poultry and beef to impart the flavor of lime. A jar of lime peel granules is especially nice to have in your pantry when you run out of fresh limes or do not have time to zest one. Lime peel can also be used to impart a subtle lime flavor to beer and wine. ... View Full Description

157-779Lime Peel Granules - 2.00 oz. jar$5.89
157-781Lime Peel Granules - 10.00 oz. pouch$13.08
157-780Lime Peel Granules - 6.50 oz. jar$13.33
157-782Lime Peel Granules - 22.50 oz. pouch$23.95
157-1969Lime Peel Granules - 2.50 lb. pouch$45.74
157-1970Lime Peel Granules - 5.00 lb. pouch$87.98
157-1971Lime Peel Granules - 10.00 lb. pouch$165.92
157-1972Lime Peel Granules - 25.00 lb. pouch$382.50
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated
Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.


Mace (Myristicia fragans) is the lacy, bright red growth that surrounds the nutmeg seed. The nutmeg tree is rather unique in that it produces two distinct spices - mace and nutmeg. An evergreen tree, nutmeg is indigenous to the Moluccas, the fabled "Spice Islands". Mace was widely used from the Middle Ages until this century. Sadly, due to its cost and similarity to nutmeg, its popularity has declined. The flavor of mace is milder and more subtle than nutmeg. Consumers should be aware that nutmeg is sometimes mixed with the more expensive mace to reduce its cost.... View Full Description

139-411Mace, Whole Blades - 1.25 oz. jar$5.43
139-413Mace, Ground - 2.25 oz. jar$8.48
139-412Mace, Whole Blades - 5.00 oz. jar$14.42
139-1417Mace, Whole Blades - 1.00 lb. pouch$26.50
139-414Mace, Ground - 8.50 oz. jar$34.47
139-1422Mace, Ground - 1.00 lb. pouch$42.62
139-1418Mace, Whole Blades - 2.50 lb. pouch$64.51
139-1423Mace, Ground - 2.50 lb. pouch$104.14
139-1419Mace, Whole Blades - 5.00 lb. pouch$125.16
139-1424Mace, Ground - 5.00 lb. pouch$203.15
139-1420Mace, Whole Blades - 10.00 lb. pouch$237.08
139-1425Mace, Ground - 10.00 lb. pouch$385.85
139-1421Mace, Whole Blades - 25.00 lb. pouch$541.57
139-1426Mace, Ground - 25.00 lb. pouch$886.93
Similar to nutmeg, but not as intense
Indian, Greek, Turkish, Italian, chinese, Scadanavian, Latin American, Southeast Asian.
Cinnamon, coriander, black pepper, white pepper, cumin, chilies, allspice, vanilla, thyme, basil, sugar
Creamed vegetables (spinach, corn), carrots, cabbage, squash, green beans, potatoes, pumpkin, parsnips, cakes, coookies, breads, chicken, pork, meatballs, chili, chowders, soups, apples, apricots, pears, custard.
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated
Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.


Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is one of the most important spices and is widely used in both sweet and savory applications. Processed meats (bologna, frankfurters, salami, liverwurst), many baked goods and even cola beverages would not be the same without the flavor of nutmeg.

Native to the Banda Islands, which are part of present day Indonesia, these islands were continuously fought over for about 100 years by the Portugese, Dutch and English. Nutmegs were so valuable, the Dutch finally traded most of their possesions in North America including New Amsterdam (present day New York) to gain control of these islands and the nutmeg trade.

Today, nutmeg is grown not only in the Banda islands, but much of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Grenada in the West Indies. ... View Full Description

141-424Nutmeg, Ground - 2.70 oz. jar$7.87
141-422Nutmeg - 2.75 oz. jar$9.11
141-1342Nutmeg, Ground - 1.00 lb. pouch$23.88
141-425Nutmeg, Ground - 10.50 oz. jar$24.25
141-423Nutmeg - 9.75 oz. jar$27.09
141-1337Nutmeg - 1.00 lb. pouch$28.87
141-1343Nutmeg, Ground - 2.50 lb. pouch$58.07
141-1338Nutmeg - 2.50 lb. pouch$70.33
141-1344Nutmeg, Ground - 5.00 lb. pouch$112.50
141-1339Nutmeg - 5.00 lb. pouch$136.61
141-1345Nutmeg, Ground - 10.00 lb. pouch$212.92
141-1340Nutmeg - 10.00 lb. pouch$258.92
141-1346Nutmeg, Ground - 25.00 lb. pouch$485.50
141-1341Nutmeg - 25.00 lb. pouch$592.29
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated

Orange Peel Granules

Silver Cloud sells only the finest quality Orange Peel Granules from California and Mexico.

Orange peel is a versatile ingredient for cooking and baking. It can be added to fish, poultry and lamb to impart a slight orange flavor. A jar of orange peel granules is especially nice to have in your pantry when you run out of fresh fruit or do not have time to zest an orange. Orange peel granules can also be used as an adjunct to impart a subtle Orange flavor to beer, wine and mulled cider.

... View Full Description

135-360Orange Peel Granules - 2.75 oz. jar$3.91
135-783Orange Peel Granules - 12.00 oz. pouch$6.27
135-361Orange Peel Granules - 8.50 oz. jar$6.88
135-784Orange Peel Granules - 28.50 oz. pouch$14.75
135-1973Orange Peel Granules - 5.00 lb. pouch$27.26
135-1974Orange Peel Granules - 10.00 lb. pouch$50.31
135-1975Orange Peel Granules - 25.00 lb. pouch$108.00
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated

Why Buy Your Spices at Silver Cloud Estates?

Why buy spices online when they are so readily available at your local store? The answer is quality and price. The spices sold at your local store are often a year or two old. As spices age, they loose much of their flavor. Silver Cloud's spices are always fresh, never old. Our products are also an excellent value. When you need spices, click on Silver Cloud Estates for the freshest products at great prices.

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Vanilla bean and vanilla extract prices remain very strong and we do not foresee any softening until the second half of next year. We have recently developed some replacements for Pure Vanilla Extract and Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold that a number of customers are now using for baking, beverages and ice cream with great success. Anyone looking for cost effective replacements for Pure Vanilla Extract and Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold, that does not want to compromise flavor, should evaluate our Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF, Vanilla Extract Replacement, Natural #2422 and our Vanilla Extract 2-Fold, Natural WONF in their products. You and your customers will not be able to tell the difference. These products can be found under Vanilla Extracts/Vanilla Paste/Vanilla Powder

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