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Pure Vanilla Extract

Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.

Pure Vanilla Extract

We use a blend of Indian and Madagascar vanilla beans to make our Pure Vanilla Extract. This extract has a rich, rummy flavor with sweet, creamy undertones and a slightly fruity top note. Since it is high in vanillin (naturally occurring in vanilla beans), it has more flavor and greater impact when used in ice cream, baked goods and beverages than your typical Bourbon Madagascar vanilla extract.

Our Pure Vanilla Extract is manufactured in accordance with the U.S. standard of identity for pure vanilla extract and contains vanilla bean extractives, water and ethyl alcohol (35%). We do not add any sugar, glycerin or corn syrup and our product is gluten free.

Overall Product Rating: 5 out of 5
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Overall Product Rating:  5 out of 5

Deborah ,  11/19/2011
by Deborah

I bought this vanilla a couple of years ago and was so impressed with it that I brought it to my sister's home last year to prepare Christmas sweets for a large family gathering. She loved baking with it, so I left it there. Oh how I have missed this vanilla. I went back to the expensive pure Mexican vanilla that was on the shelf in the pantry, but noooo! I cannot recommend this product high enough. Needless to say, I am treating myself to my own supply!
Overall Product Rating:  5 out of 5

Superior vanilla flavor! ,  01/15/2010
by Lois

I tried your vanilla flavoring in a batch of cookies yesterday, and it was a superior performer! I used half the amount that the recipe called for, and the end result was perfect. This is a big plus for me, because using half the amount of flavoring saves on costs, which makes a big difference for my cookie/dessert business.
Overall Product Rating:  5 out of 5

Best Vanilla ,  09/17/2009
by Nicole

This is by far the best vanilla I have ever used. It completely transforms anything your baking, and gives it the most wonderful flavor. I will never use another kind of vanilla ever again.
Overall Product Rating:  5 out of 5

Best Vanilla Extract ,  01/09/2009
by Jamie

This is the first testimonial I have ever written but after trying the Silver Cloud Pure Vanilla Extract I wanted to let you and others know how impressed I am with your product. Every year I bake the same 11 cookies which are given to family and friends for the holiday. This year I used your vanilla extract instead of the other brands and the cookies had a more enjoyable & smooth taste. After trying your vanilla extract I can’t see using any other brand!
Overall Product Rating:  5 out of 5

Will Only Use Silver Cloud's Pure Vanilla Extract ,  11/11/2008
by Chris

I run a small cake decorating business I started using Silver Cloud's Pure Vanilla Extract about two years ago and started getting a lot more complimets about the flavor of my yellow cake. Since I made no other changes, I can only attribute this to their vanilla and will use no other.

Pure Vanilla Extract


All the Pure Vanilla Extract sold by Silver Cloud Estates is manufactured in accordance with the U.S. standard of identify. Vanilla is the only flavor that has a standard of identity. This means, by law, vanilla extract can only contain certain ingredients to be labeled as pure. The standard of identity requires 13.35 ounces of cured, cut vanilla beans (with a moisture content not greater than 25.00%) be used per gallon of finished extract. The extract must contain a minimum 35.00% alcohol by volume. Glycerin, water and corn syrup are allowed, but not required under the standard of identity for pure vanilla extract.  Beyond moisture content, there is no requirement in the standard regarding the quality, origin of the vanilla beans or extraction process used.  As a result, the quality of pure vanilla extracts can vary depending on the manufacture. 

Pure Vanilla Extract is commonly available as 2, 3 and 4-folds. A fold is a relative measure of strength.  Folded pure vanilla extract must also conform to the standard of identity.  The amount of vanilla beans required, however, changes based on the fold.  A 2-fold requires 26.70 ounces of beans be used per gallon of finished extract.  A 3-fold requires 40.05 ounce of beans be used per gallon of finished extract.  Folded vanilla extract is typically used in foods requiring a more concentrated vanilla flavor.
Silver Cloud Estates

Vanilla beans, vanilla extract, natural flavors, TTB flavors, imitation extracts, essential oils, bakery emulsions, propylene glycol free flavors, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, menthol and chili peppers for baking, beverages (including beer, wine & spirits) and ice cream – Silver Cloud Estates.


Vanilla bean and extract prices remain very strong and we now do not anticipate lower prices before the Spring of 2018. We offer a number of cost effective alternatives to using Pure Vanilla Extract. These are especially attractive for bakeries, ice cream parlors and food service providers where consumers typically do not see an ingredient statement. For baking we recommend our Vanilla Powder, Natural and Artificial and our Value Vanilla Flavor,Natural & Artificial SC06 (For Baking). Both of these products can be used to replace Pure Vanilla Extract in cakes, cookies and other applications. For use in ice cream we recommend our Value Vanilla, Natural& Artificial SC25 (For Ice Cream).

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